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Design Space Supports Great Western Malting Expansion with Jobsite Trailers


Founded in 1934, Great Western Malting Co. is the oldest malting company in the western United States, operating malt plants in Vancouver, Washington, and Pocatello, Idaho. Great Western Malting supplies brewers, distillers and food processors with the highest quality malts in the United States, Canada, Asia and South America. The growing popularity of craft beers and Idaho’s very reliable supply of quality malting barley are the reasons the Australian company that owns Pocatello’s Great Western Malting facility is going to pump $75 million into an expansion of the plant.

JH Kelly is the general contractor running the expansion project. Design Space is leasing them and the subcontractors on site 8,100 square feet of modular buildings and mobile office space and 7,700 square feet of storage containers to assist in construction. Design Space is serving the relatively remote location from its main Idaho branch located in Boise, ID.

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Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Quickly Dismantles Temporary Locker Rooms


Design Space can deliver quickly, and when necessary, demobilize in tight spots. Design Space provided four 3,000 square foot modular buildings for Claremont McKenna College to be used as Team Locker Rooms, Trainer’s Rooms, and an Equipment Room while Claremont constructed new permanent facilities. After construction was complete the path of travel was obstructed, so Design Space brought in the crews and equipment needed to get the job done safely and quickly. Within 2 days all four buildings were dismantled and removed to keep another phase of the project on track. Claremont’s teams can now move into their new facility and Design Space has a couple modular locker rooms and modular team rooms available to serve the next customer that needs these types of buildings, and needs them quickly!

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Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Delivers Project Management Offices for New Power Plant


As communicated by Portland General Electric: The next 20 years, demand for electricity to serve Oregon customers is expected to increase more than 45 percent, compared to 30 percent nationally. PGE’s new Carty Generating Station will help PGE serve existing customer demand, meet additional growth and maintain a reliable supply of power. The new 440-megawatt, clean energy, natural gas-fired Carty Generating Station will use a G-class turbine capable of producing enough electricity to serve about 300,000 residential customers.

The site at Boardman was a brand new location built from the ground up. Everything that was needed to support construction had to be brought to the site. This included an array of modular buildings, mobile offices, and portable storage containers to serve as project management offices for PGE, the general contractor, and jobsite offices for the sub-contractors. The contract to provide the modular buildings, mobile offices, and containers was won by Design Space Modular Buildings by its Tri-Cities branch. As a true testament to Design Space’s capabilities in sales, products and service, they provided the entire requirement of site offices, and not one other competitor provided a building or container to this site. The total requirement for the project included (32) modular complex floors, (3) mobile offices, (12) 20’ containers, (24) 40’ containers, and (8) Ground Level Offices. Another impressive project completed by Design Space, the leader in providing remote jobsite offices.

For more information on our mobile offices or portable storage containers, please call us at (866) 889-7777 or visit us online,

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings Delivers Temporary Office Space to NASA


The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex (GDSCC), commonly called the Goldstone Observatory, is located in the Mojave Desert near Barstow California. Operated by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, its main purpose is to track and communicate with space missions. It is named after Goldstone, California, a nearby gold-mining ghost town.

Five large parabolic (“dish”) antennas are located at the Goldstone site to maintain communication with up to 30 spacecraft. The antennas function similarly to a home satellite dish.

Global aerospace, defense, information and services company, Exelis Inc. required immediate temporary office space at the site. Design Space Modular Buildings was the selected provider. The requirement was for high quality relocatable modular buildings to serve as site offices for operations and maintenance of the dishes. Within a few days, two 10×44 mobile offices were delivered and installed, ready for use. Additional mobile office trailers and portable storage containers will be added as need arises.

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Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

The Many Benefits of Mobile Construction Offices


Your bid was accepted and it is time to get the project off the ground. Two of the biggest factors of any construction project are time and budget. All clients want you to stay on schedule and under budget. What is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get setup at any new job site? Having mobile construction offices and mobile storage containers delivered to your job site is the no hassle way to quickly get your project up and running.

Time and cost-effectiveness are not the only benefits of construction office trailers though. Let’s explore some additional benefits.

On-site mobile construction offices allow foreman and project managers to oversee the construction progress first hand. Furthermore, in today’s digitally driven world, computers and a desk to conduct business at are nearly mandatory; so managers can stay productive at the job site. Since job sites are usually outdoors, noisy and dirty environment, mobile construction offices provide foreman and project managers a safe, clean and quiet place to work. A mobile office trailer is the right tool for the job!

The theft of tools and security of privileged documents is a major concern for any construction company.

Design Space Modular Buildings has you covered on both fronts with our mobile construction offices or container offices with up to 8’x24’ of secure storage area with plenty of climate controlled office space.

Imagine the time savings if construction workers did not have to waste time on the retrieval or the hunt for offsite building materials or equipment. Travel time that could be spent working at the site is inefficient and reduces the bottom line and can possibly delay the completion of the project. Having building materials and equipment on-site eliminates daily travel time and the possibility of losing equipment or tools.

Safety First! A mobile construction office is a great choice to get your employees out of the elements for breaks in an OSHA compliant breakroom.

To find out more about Design Space Modular Buildings’ mobile construction offices, please visit our site.

For pricing information, please submit a Request For Quote or give us a call at (866) 889-7777.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Sponsor’s 6th Season of “Graveyard Carz”!

testimonial-video-intro-1As seen on Graveyard Carz! Design Space Modular Buildings and Storage Containers has agreed to continue its sponsorship of Graveyard Carz for an additional three seasons, beginning with the upcoming Season 6. Design Space is proud to be the preferred choice to meet the storage container and office trailer needs for this hit TV show. You can enjoy this show and see our products in action on the Discovery Channel. Or, click on the video below to hear from the show itself how Design Space supported its production, and can help you too!

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings’ new Tri-Cities, WA Branch

Design Space Modular Buildings announces the Opening of their new Tri-Cities, WA Branch.

The industry leader in mobile offices, modular buildings, and storage containers has a new location in the Tri-Cities, to serve Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon.

Design Space has developed 7 acres for their sales and service center in Richland, WA at the corner of Kingsgate Way and 1st Street, off highway 240 just north of Horn Rapids. Design Space is a full service modular building dealer and contractor. They have a strong track record of providing a range of buildings, from temporary mobile offices to permanent modular buildings for a variety of applications. “Design Space has the same approach as I do, serve the full spectrum of a customer’s modular building needs with a personal touch second to none.”, says sales manager Bill Ackerman. From the new branch location Mr. Ackerman will serve markets surrounding the Tri-Cities, including Hanford, Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, and Yakima in Washington, and Pendleton, La Grande, and Baker City in Oregon. This location will be particularly convenient for the many customers requiring temporary offices and storage containers for their projects on the Hanford Reservation. The branch facility itself was completed with both modular construction and a pre-engineered metal building. So, a quick visit gives you a first hand understanding of the capabilities of Design Space and modular construction.

Design Space Modular Buildings plans to bring many benefits to the market:

  • Hanford approved mobile office, lunch trailers, and restroom units.
  • Extensive federal government experience
  • GSA Schedule contract: GS-07F-0611W
  • Temporary mobile office trailers
  • Permanent modular building construction
  • Storage containers
  • Ground level secure container offices
  • Complete turnkey service and commitment to quality.
  • The west’s largest independent contractor/dealer since 1969

For any questions or assistance you may contact Design Space or Bill Ackerman or Kim Rubio locally at (509)375-4858, visit the new branch at 2699 1st Street; or E-mail them at or  or visit the Design Space website at where you can request a quote.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Custom Storage Containers for “Graveyard Carz” on TV!

Were pleased to see that our storage containers meet the demands of Discovery/Velocity Channel’s Graveyard Carz.

Design Space Modular Buildings has custom modified storage containers with garage style roll-up doors to accommodate auto shops, or just about any bulk material or small part storage applications.

Steel Custom Storage Containers with roll-up doors are like having a portable garage that can be relocated as needed. The modified storage container construction provides space, security and easy access.

The Graveyard Carz team uses two 8’x40’ Design Space Steel storage containers with locking roll-up doors. The containers can be moved easily on location as the set requires, and then returned to Design Space when the show is finished.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings Supports Team Orange County’ in the Solar Decathlon Competition

The biennially Solar Decathlon sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy was held this month in Irvine at the Orange County Great Park. This competition is one of the most recognized and elite international design events for sustainable living in the world. The Solar Decathlon tasks collegiate teams to design, plan, construct and operate houses that are self-sustainable and aesthetically appealing.

Team OC used the California State flower; the “Golden Poppy” as inspiration for the design of their house which they named: Casa Del Sol. Casa Del Sol like the Golden Poppy; opens to the sun during the day, letting in the cool ocean breezes and closes at night. Also like the flower, Casa Del Sol collects and saves its own water and draws its energy from the sun.

Design Space Modular Buildings helped Team OC by providing the house using relocateable and reusable modular building construction, and being one of their primary sponsors during construction and installation of the house. The Decathlon competition required Casa Del Sol to be modular so it that could be moved, put back together quickly, and then relocated again after the competition was complete. Design Space Modular was able to use their modular building expertise to help Team OC manufacture and install the 4 main modules, plus decks for outdoor living space totaling 17 sections.

As the competition concludes this week, Team OC hopes their design along with the support of many sponsors, including Design Space Modular Buildings is enough to bring their vision to reality and be the winning house for the 2015 Solar Decathlon.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Micron Technology’s Expands with Design Space Modular Buildings

Founded 1971 in Boise, Idaho Micron Technology is one of the largest makers in the world of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). To keep at the forefront of the technology industry Micron decided to expand with a new research and development department. Micron’s management decided to use their Boise location to host the expansion, and Design Space Modular to provide the modular buildings for the needed office space.


Micron required over 23,000 square feet of office space using relocatable modular buildings, and they needed them delivered and installed quickly. Over the course of 90 days From June to September 2015 Design Space Modular Buildings Boise, Idaho branch team was able to deliver, install, and turn over for occupancy 29 modular building sections comprised of (1) 98’x132’ and (2) 84’x60 modules. This new Modular Building Complex will provide office space for 260 full time employees and serve as the hub for Micron Technology’s R&D Engineers who are working on a new chip technology program they expect to keep ongoing for 4 to 5 years.


Micron Technology exists in one of the fastest moving industries in today’s gadget driven world. With the ever expanding tech market and growing demand; physical expansion is eminent. Besides being able to provide a wide variety of modular building options from our local fleet in Idaho, we are also able to complete customization prior to delivery for an expedited installation. With over 30 years of experience and a highly skilled team of engineers and project managers Design Space Modular Buildings Inc, makes it possible bring customer’s vision to reality, on time and on budget.


Design Space looks forward to continue being a reliable partner of Micron Technology through all of their expansion needs.




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