Ground Level Offices

Ground Level Offices (GLO)

8′ x 10′ Offices / Guard Shacks

8′ x 20′ Steel Container Offices

8′ x 40′ Steel Container Offices

8′ x 40′ Office & Storage Combos

Mobile Ground Level Offices

When your busineeds needs immediate ground level office space, Design Space’s container offices are the ideal solution.

Ground level offices (GLOs), office containers, container offices and guard shacks—whatever you call them, they are a durable, highly secure, affordable and relocatable on-site space solution. Available as an office/storage combo or simply all office space.

Convenient and Secure

We start with a strengthened steel shipping container; from there we engineer and design the layouts to meet your industry requirements and local building codes. With an integrated HVAC system, security bars on windows, and steel locking doors, Design Space’s Ground Level Offices can be trusted to provide the essential security that is required by construction and military applications.

Quick, Transportable and Durable

Time, transportability and durability are critical to the US Navy and other US Government agencies and industries that utilize GLO’s (Ground Level Offices) for use both locally and abroad. At a moment’s notice you can move your container office to a new location to provide a secure and safe office environment.

Modular and Stackable

The ground level design makes installation, ingress and egress simple. Need more space? No problem. Container offices are modular and stackable and available in a variety of sizes and layout options ranging from 10 feet to 53 feet in length. Units can be customized to include: double doors, roll-up doors, storage areas, shelving, lights, windows, or come supplied with office furniture and accessories.

If you need a simple and cost-effective job-site office for your next construction project, call Design Space to schedule delivery of your Ground Level Office today!

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