Office Accessories

Often the success of a modular building installation is having other products that make the system completely functional.  At Design Space, we believe in providing turn-key solutions that are ready to occupy with no additional contracting needed.

Here are some of the other products that we provide:


steps tn

Steps for easy access to buildings that are not at ground level are often necessary.  We have a complete selection of steps that are matched to each building’s configuration.



handicapped-ramps tn

Handicapped Ramps for easy access to buildings that meet the requirements of ADA are necessary component for buildings that are not at ground level.  We can rent or sell the ramps that will match your building and site layout. 



office-furniture tn

Office Furniture can make your buildings work-ready on day one.  We have designers that can assist with layout and selection and than deliver and setup with the building to make your job a snap.  And you can lease or purchase!



security-bars tn

Security Bars are a necessity for many job sites.  If you have a security concern, we have solutions to make the construction offices as safe and secure as possible.  We have the experience and resources for all the security products you need.




Financing your purchase can protect capital and ease cash flow.  At Design Space with approved credit, we can provide in-house financing to save you time and money without having to deal with the hassles of a bank. 




We are constantly bringing online new offerings to better serve you.  From time to time, we have specials and promotions that can make our products an even better value.  Please give us a call today at 866-899-7777 so Design Space can help bring your vision to reality!