Trailer Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Movie studios, TV shoots, sports venues, and all entertainment businesses can benefit from having quick access to our mobile offices and storage containers. In the hi-tech competitive world of modern TV and film production, three elements are key to success: the project must come in on time, it has to be under budget, and the production team’s technical requirements must be met. Content is obviously important, but to deliver the content the facilities and equipment must be delivered promptly and per specification. “The Show Must Go On” is a long lasting and very true adage. That starts with the facilities. Design Space is a trusted supplier to make that happen whether at your studio or in a remote location.

TV schedules are planned months in advance and the time between commercials and shows are instantaneous. So when a show is to go live, everything must be in its place and ready to go. Delays are simply not in the vocabulary. Along with schedule planning, there is the ever important financial planning. Television broadcasting is not cheap, so budgets are finely tuned and monitored to insure financial success.

All elements of the show must meet the programming requirements, and within budgeted cost. While production companies are betting millions of dollars on a shows success, you can be sure they will not be around long if cost is not controlled. That applies to start-up cost, and turning off the cost when the particular season ends.


Props and production equipment must be protected and secure. You can trust Design Space portable storage containers to provide a high level of security and ease of access for your projects.


Do you need more space? No problem. We can send you additional buildings or containers overnight. If you have limited ground space we can stack container offices to provide a multi-story complex.

Call an expert. Over recent years, Design Space has provided the entertainment industry everything from dressing rooms, to master control rooms, sound booths, audio control rooms, video edit rooms and more.

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