Portable Classrooms

Portable Classrooms

24′ x 40′ Portable Classrooms

24′ x 60′ Portable Classrooms

28′ x 64′ Portable Classrooms

Custom and Large Buildings

Mobile Classrooms are the answer to your urgent classroom space needs.

Design Space offers a wide range of classroom trailers for quick and easy delivery.

No matter what your need is, whether it is to find a solution to over enrolled classes, out of date buildings or new programs, Design Space has just the right classroom trailer for you. Design Space with its immediate availability classrooms; can swiftly expand your educational environment while keeping your budget protected.

Cost Effective and Speedy Solution For Schools

Whether you require it for short-term or long-term; an array of sizes and designs of mobile classrooms are available from Design Space to fit your requirements. Our standard size classroom trailers come with the ease of being relocatable. Design Space can offer permanent classroom trailers and school building solutions with customized module construction and quick delivery; for exceptional and permanent classrooms or schools.

At Every Stage, Design Space is There

In just days, our temporary classrooms can be ready for delivery while our permanent school buildings can be completed in almost half the time taken by conventional construction means. We have a well-trained team of engineers, architects and project managers ready to work with you at every stage from design, permitting, to the finishing touches of furniture and equipment needed teaching and learning.

Administrative Offices Buildings

Our Administrative office buildings are designed to suit your staff’s needs. They are also spacious and well-lit to make work comfortable and productive.

Science Labs Buildings

Our buildings can accommodate lab equipment and a variety of specialty environments. Whatever level of laboratory environment you require, it can be provided in modular construction.

Libraries and Book Store Buildings

Large open spaces allow a free flow of movement and ease of shelving arrangement.


Our kitchen and cafeteria modules are built to provide space, utilities and specifications to ensure all codes are met.Large and safe eating spaces are easily accommodated.

Kindergarten and Pre-School Buildings

Designed for the space required by code to properly accommodate pre-school and kindergarten children. Our buildings allow for an optimal pre-school experience.

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