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Mobile and Construction Office Trailers For Sale or Rent

At Design Space, we make renting or buying jobsite or office trailers smooth and simple. We offer a huge variety of portable office spaces, including our standard jobsite trailers, sales office trailers and trailers equipped with restrooms.

Our mobile offices are the best way to go when your business needs temporary office space that is secure and suitable for your budget. We can also provide your trailer with ramps and steps if required. To make sure your schedule and budget are kept on track, we can also provide your modular offices with all the furnishing you need to get straight to business!

Quick, Secure, Convenient

Design space can take you from having no work space to having an efficient operational office in a day. We can give you portable office space complete with wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning; saving you the cost, time and stress of conventional office space.

Whatever job or project you have, we offer jobsite trailers, modular and mobile offices that would suit your needs. A wide array of layouts and sizes span our many sizes as well as the choice to buy or rent to meet any time frame or budget. With 14 Design Space locations around the nation, easy access to our hugewide range of temporary office spaces and their timely delivery is guaranteed.

Our modular offices are immaculate inside and out. We get countless calls about how good our portable office spaces look. Fitted with a deck, a canopy, a ramp and custom colored siding, your jobsite trailer will be a warmly received fixture anywhere. And guess what? You don’t have to be stuck in one spot because…

Relocation Is Easy

When you need to move or are ready to hit your next jobsite, Design Space is available to assist. Give us a call and we’ll be right there to get you moved when and where you want.

Applications for Government, Medical, Education, and More


Our capacity to transport your office between hospitals, emergency response areas, movie sets, construction sites or any location that calls for safe office space; means that you can use your Design Space mobile office space for practically anywhere for anything.

  • Highway Field Office
  • Movie Studio Office Trailer
  • Sales Office
  • Contractor Jobsite Trailer
  • Inspector Field Offices
  • Modular Office Swing Space
  • Job/Employment/Hiring Temporary Offices
  • Auto Dealer Sales Office
  • Interim or Permanent Real Estate Office
  • School Administration Office
  • Emergency Medical Facilities
  • Government Installations
  • Temporary Offices for Any Commercial Use


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