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Mobile and Construction Office Trailers For Sale or Rent

Buying or renting office trailers and construction trailers from Design Space is easy. We have a large fleet of mobile office trailers, including our standard office trailers, trailers with restrooms and even designer sales offices.

When your business needs immediate temporary office space, our office trailers are the perfect solution; cost-effective, secure and ready to occupy in a matter of days. We can also outfit your office trailer with steps and ramps. To save you even more time and money, we can even furnish your trailer with everything needed for you to get right down to work!

Quick, Secure, Convenient

From no work space one day, to a fully furnished and functional office the next, Design Space can have you up and running in a finished, pre-wired, and plumbed mobile office trailer building in only hours. Save the expense, time, inconvenience and cost of traditional office buildings. We can help you stay on budget and ahead of schedule while meeting all your office space needs. Most importantly, we will deliver the office space to your site.

We have mobile offices and construction trailers which are perfect for your project or business. With a wide variety of sizes and layouts in our large inventory, we offer options to rent or buy to fit any budget or schedule. With 14 locations nationwide, we offer you easy access to our large fleet of mobile offices for immediate delivery.

Our job site trailers are looking good inside and out. How many times do you think we get calls for how great our mobile offices look? All the time! With custom colored siding, a deck, a ramp, and a canopy, your mobile office will be a welcome fixture in any community. But you’re not stuck in one place because…

Relocation Is A Breeze

When you’re ready to move to your next site, we’re right there to help. Call or email … we’ll be out our door and on our way to yours faster than you can say mobile office building. You can feel secure knowing your Design Space modular building is installed safely the way you need it, and delivered or redelivered where you need it and when you need it.

Applications for Government, Medical, Education, and More

Our ability to move your office between construction sites, movie sets, hospitals, emergency response sites or any situation that requires a secured office building allows you to use your Design Space mobile office for virtually any purpose.

  • Highway Field Office
  • Movie Studio Office Trailer
  • Sales Office
  • Contractor Jobsite Trailer
  • Inspector Field Offices
  • Modular Office Swing Space
  • Job/Employment/Hiring Temporary Offices

  • Auto Dealer Sales Office
  • Interim or Permanent Real Estate Office
  • School Administration Office
  • Emergency Medical Facilities
  • Government Installations
  • Temporary Offices for Any Commercial Use

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