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Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Largest Wind Farm in USA

In 2010, first phase of what is to become a mega wind energy source began its construction in Mojave, CA. Over the following decade, the site added multiple phases to become the largest wind energy project in the nation. It is also the second largest in the world capable of producing wind energy over 1,500 megawatts (MW)!

Building a such an engineering marvel requires reliable people and equipment. Blattner Energy partnered with Design Space to house its project members in a multiplex modular office consisting of 72’x60’, 24’x60’, and 12’x56’, providing over 6,400 sq ft of workspace to build a mega energy farm consisting of 600 wind turbines.

Design Space Modular Buildings was excited to be part of building such an engineering feat!

Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Substation Control House Made From Container Office in Idaho

Utility Contractor in Idaho partnered with Design Space to deliver a 20′ shipping container with a mandoor, 1 ton HVAC, interior mounted electrical panel, and a chase for control cable entrance, all built within insulated office.  This custom built unit is to be used as control house at a substation in Idaho.

Customer wanted it their way and fast.  Design Space delivered it under two months from receiving design!

Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Custom Classrooms Built at School to Add More Desks for Students

Laurence School in Los Angeles is a private K-6 school offering modern education, including STEAM program.  When the school needed to add more classrooms last year, they partnered with Design Space to custom build 24’x88’ modular building and install at their site.

Delivery and installation at tightly packed community within Los Angeles was no easy feat. Due to the modular building pieces needing to be delivered over multiple residential buildings before being placed on their foundation, the site required a super long reach and sought assistance from a 750 ton crane, among largest of cranes available!

When a growing educational institution needed a quick and efficient solution in adding more desks and space, Design Space was excited to partner with them to deliver.   Here’s to our future leaders!


Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

LAX Police’s New HQ Project Supported by Design Space’s Modular Buildings

Construction began in 2019 for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to build a new headquarter facility and a parking structure for its Airport Police unit.  The project was a large $180 million 2 year project led by long time Design Space partner General Contractor who it selected to deliver 48’x120’ (8 floor multiplex), 10’x40’ Restroom Trailer, and a 12’x44’ singlewide mobile office trailer to be used during the job.

Design Space was grateful to support this large project at one of the busiest airports in the world.

Can you spot these modular buildings in the photo?

Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

California’s Psychiatric Care Facility Provided Additional Space to Expand

When National Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Services (NPCRS) needed to expand their specialized inpatient treatment program in Manteca, CA, they contacted Design Space Modular to provide an administration building to facilitate this expansion. This expansion allowed for additional in-patient treatment rooms and created additional office space for their administration operations. They operate 7 in-patient treatments centers throughout Northern California.

Whether it is a medical facility, education facility, or government building, Design Space has partnered with various industries to provide quick turnaround solution for additional space needed at their site.


Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Custom Container Office with Short Lead Time – Las Vegas, NV

When your project requires little space, low cost, and quickest turn around to deliver a custom office, container-based offices are a great solution.

A Las Vegas based customer partnered with Design Space to customize a 40’ storage container with small office built in, often called “Ground Level Office.” This Combo Office was fitted with small HVAC system and laminate floors for aesthetics with easy maintenance.  This custom solution was delivered just within 2 weeks of order!

These shipping containers come in standard sizes of 8’x20’ and 8’x40’ and can be converted to variety of custom layouts at these sizes or into smaller plans.



Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

F&M Bank Partners with Design Space to Build a Mobile Bank

Founded over 100 years ago, F&M Bank has served many Californians’ banking needs. When their Turlock, CA branch decided to go through major renovation work, they needed a quick and secure solution to provide a temporary bank that would continue servicing their local customers without interruption.

F&M Bank needed a mobile bank built to their specification that is secure yet quick to deliver. Design Space once again delivered, fast and ready for their customers.

Design Space has provided many mobile banks for some of the largest banking institutions in the US. For some of the other modular bank projects, whether temporary or permanent, please visit our gallery of banks delivered:

Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

California Highway Patrol partners with Design Space to Build Housing in the Desert

In a very remote area of California’s vast desert plains lies a long stretch of a busy highway.  And in the midst of the endless dirt flats, there’s a small community of homes where three California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers reside with their families.  Design Space was selected to rebuild this community.

Interstate 15 connects California to Nevada border and moves 45,000 vehicles each way (Source: Nevada Highway Patrol).  These travelers often require emergency roadside support, or for some risk-taking fast drivers, requires law enforcement to keep them under safe speed.  Although these areas are miles away from major towns, there are dedicated Highway Patrol officers protecting and serving the thousands of civilians driving through.

These desert heroes require local residence to limit daily commute and maximize their time in the areas they serve.  Design Space partnered with California High Patrol to rebuild their aged mobile home trailers they call home.

Design Space was tasked to replace these old mobiles with (3) new 24’x60’ HUD manufactured homes built to the latest codes and compliant with all current fire and safety regulations.  To accomplish this, there had to be new landing, driveway, sidewalk, and a new 10,000 gallon fire water tank equipped with a separately housed commercial pump to protect all three new structures and its resident family members.

With the goal for the project requiring quick turnaround and short displacement for its residents, Design Space was put to the challenge and got it done fast once again.  Using prefab buildings customized to CHP design, each resident was displaced for 30~45 days max during entire construction period.

State of California wanted it fast and safe, and once again Design Space delivered for these law enforcement heroes!

Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Selected Once Again to Build Custom Shelters by Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti to Fight Homelessness – Venice Beach, CA

In continuing efforts by the Mayor of of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti to fight homeless problems, Venice California became the new site to build a temporary home to local homeless population.

The initiative, called “A Bridge Home” project, demands a quick turnaround from its partners capable of building safe and functional facilities while meeting its legal and environmental standards.


Mayor Garcetti and his team selected Design Space once again to build the state of the art facility that features multiple modular trailers at its Venice site.

In a short period of time, deliveries of custom complex structures provided housing, hygiene, and counseling all within one site. Through this program, support for mental health, employment, addiction, housing placement, and wellness resources were given to all its 154 occupants to help them get them back on their feet.

Design Space creates solution for anyone needing custom space in an aggressive time line, whether small or large.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space & Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Team Up To Create Permanent Homeless Shelters

Several dozen homeless people chosen by outreach workers will enter a cluster of new trailers close to downtown’s historic El Pueblo this month, the primary step toward getting them into permanent housing.

For mayor Eric Garcetti and Design Space Modular Buildings, the move-ins also mark a first step of more housing units to come.

Design Space supplied Los Angeles city with three trailers for housing 30 men and 15 women, as well as two alternative trailers that will supply showers, bathrooms, laundry, office space and consultation services.

This is not the first time Design Space has answered the bell when it comes to homeless shelters. We have previously supplied trailers to Los Angeles on other occasions, Boise, San Francisco, and Orange County.

Garcetti’s shelter program comes amid growing national attention to the tents and sordidness on LA’s sidewalks, alleys and expressway underpasses. With the shelters, the city is looking for relief for homeless individuals.

These trailers are not standard shelters. We’re creating spaces designed to be as safe and comfortable as possible for the homeless population.

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