Design Space & St. John’s Join Forces On A Special Field

Last fall, Design Space installed a new STEAM educational center for St. John’s Episcopal School in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. The school was so pleased with the results, they asked Design Space to perform some additional work. This included a new athletic field adjacent to the STEAM buildings and a new scoreboard for the field.

As the project design unfolded, so did the meaningfulness of the project. As reported by the Episcopal News and LA Times,

Last December, NFL star and St. John’s Episcopal School alumnus, Konrad Reuland died at the UCLA Medical Center after suffering a brain aneurysm. Konrad Reuland was a true academic athlete and played college football at Notre Dame and Stanford. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49’s in 2011 and went on to play for the Jets, Baltimore Ravens, and finally the Colts in 2016. Konrad passed in December of that year. For reasons known only to Konrad just 6 months earlier he had elected to be an organ donor. At the time of Konrad’s death, a Californian in his seventies was in the midst of recovering from a 3rd heart attack from which paramedics had to resuscitate him from death. A heart transplant was required for his life to continue. He was fortunate enough to find a compatible heart. Donors and recipients often remain anonymous, but within weeks the world learned that Konrad’s strong, generous heart was transplanted and now beats in legendary Twins and Angels Hall of Famer Rod Carew. As the Holy Spirit would have it, Carew himself is the parent of two St. John’s School graduates. In fact, as told by Rod Carew, he and Konrad had met and talked previously at St. John’s events, of course neither of them knowing how miraculously their lives would be joined in the near future. Head of school Michael Pratt and his colleagues, including the school’s generous benefactors, went to work quickly in the light of this mysterious and happy coincidence. The culmination of their efforts: The Konrad A. Reuland Memorial Field – dedicated September 15 at St. John’s, with Carew present alongside Konrad’s parents and grandparents – together as the “Carewland” family, as he calls them.


Rod Carew signing autographs for St. John’s middle schoolers.

Rod Carew is in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. During his 19 year major league career he went to the All-Star game 18 consecutive years, has over 3,000 hits, and of more than 20,000 players that have played in the MLB, only 16 have stolen home base more than Carew.