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Kern County needed a quick, but quality permanent facility to support their mental health crisis support services. Modular building construction was the answer to meet those requirements, and Design Space Modular Buildings was the firm selected to deliver it. The project was awarded in March 2017, ground breaking was in May 2017, and the client had the grand opening for their new Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in October of the same year. The scope of work included foundations, utility tie-ins, the 4,500 sq. ft. modular building, an offset building configuration (not square), and all interior and exterior finishes.

The CSU is a partnership developed between Ridgecrest Regional Hospital (RRH) and Kern County Mental Health Department (KCMH). This partnership will enable KCMH and RRH to serve the whole person by addressing behavioral health care and medical care in close collaboration. The new, 12-bed CSU will provide services to both adults and minors, for up to eight adults and four minors. Services at the CSU will include crisis assessment and evaluation for behavioral health and substance use disorders, evidence-based brief crisis interventions, coordination of admissions to inpatient facilities when necessary, coordination of care with individual’s support systems and community providers, referrals and linkage to community resources, and coordination of medical care support when necessary through Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. This facility will be a big benefit to the individuals affected as well as the overall Ridgecrest community.

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