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On Time and On Budget

Design Space Modular Buildings will deliver a mobile office building right to your job site, so you can start quickly and work productively with no start-up hassles. With your temporary office trailer in place, you can then turn your attention to being on time and under budget with your project.

In the Construction Industry, Motivation Highly Influences Productivity

Productivity on a Construction Project Leads to Success If It’s on Time and on Budget.

But how do you do all of that? One of the best ways is to get the project off to a quick start with a secure, clean, and professional mobile construction office trailer.

Professional, Secure, Standard or Custom

It’s much easier to manage your daily operations professionally in the private, climate-controlled environment of a mobile construction office. The administrative staff will be comfortable, while your expensive office equipment will be organized and secure. Be confident that your records, plans, and drawings are safe and readily available in a more permanent mobile office or in a conveniently temporary jobsite office trailer. Either way, we offer both standard and customized buildings with a variety of security options, specifications, sizes and an array of floor plan options tailored to fit your needs.

Large Inventory for Quick Delivery

You’ll save time and money with a quick job start by making one call to have your mobile office delivered to your site by Design Space Modular Buildings.

Variety of Styles & Sizes Available for Immediate Delivery!

Choose from a variety of styles and floor plans in our inventory. Our ground level offices are used to oversee small or large scale and long-term projects. With our mobile office trailers that range from 8′ x 12′ to 14′ x 46′, there is a size to fit nearly any application. If you need more space, we offer modular complexes to meet the largest office space requirements.

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