Modular Shelters for the Homeless - Design Space Modular Buildings
Modular Buildings & Office Trailers
Design Space has contracted with several cities over recent years as part of their efforts to support the homeless in their respective communities. Boise, Santa Clara, Fresno, and now Los Angeles are among the cities Design Space has served, with interest in the approach continuing to grow. Above is a recent news clip illustrating one of these programs. As mentioned in the report, Design Space is planning to participate with additional buildings at other locations. The buildings serve as dorms, offices, restroom & showers, and kitchen facilities. The various cities primary requirements include a facility delivered quickly, for a somewhat temporary duration, safe and code compliant, and also have the flexibility to be relocated from site to site where property is available and the need is the greatest. All attributes they can get with modular buildings and office trailers from Design Space Modular Buildings.
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