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Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space provides a modular building for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department

The City and County of San Francisco awarded Design Space a contract to provide a new 12 x 24 modular building and handicap ramp to be used as a break room for the Recreation and Parks Department.  The project was located at the Department’s yard located inside of Golden Gate Park.  The project took less than 90 days from contract to completion.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Provides Mobile Office Buildings for Automobile Dealers

A local Infiniti dealership recently began remodeling their showroom and service center. Business had to continue during construction. As other dealers in similar situations have found,mobile offices from Design Space Modular Buildings was the ideal solution. Mobile offices were placed exactly where the dealer needed them to serve their customers, but also clear of construction, so business didn’t miss a beat.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Provides Construction Offices for Major Dam Project

Design Space was contracted to provide over 10,000 square feet of field office space for a three and half year structural retrofit project at Folsom Dam.  The project consisted of (3) 36×60 buildings, (1) 38×64 building, (1) 24×60 building, and a restroom trailer.  Design Space modified, delivered, and installed the buildings in 45 days to meet the Owner and General Contractor’s tight schedule.  Due to space constraints the buildings were aligned along the access road to the job site.  Another project from vision to reality, on time and on budget.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Provides ADA Ramps and Stairs to a San Diego Hospital

Design Space Modular Buildings also provides metal ADA ramps and stairs. The metal construction is durable for long term uses, and easy to install and remove for short term needs. They can be rented monthly, or purchased. Design Space can deliver and install when delivering their mobile offices and modular buildings. This offers a big cost  and time savings over site built ramps and stairs. Design Space can also provide the ramps and steps alone for any other area on a site a customer may need ramps to accommodate ADA access. On a recent project in San Diego they provided modular buildings and ramps for a hospital client. After seeing the system work, they then asked Design Space to provide the ramps only for a CT Scanning trailer shown in the photo above that the customer already had on site. It proved to be a very quick and economical solution for the hospital.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings has sponsored SCRCHA

Design Space Modular Buildings is makes its presence known to the local horse community with it sponsorship for the SCRCHA (Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association).  Design Space has two large banners at the venue, including one prominently displayed on the fence of main arena.  The purpose of the SCRCHA is to improve the quality and awareness of the western reined stock cow horse. SCRCHA puts on 7-8 events per year. All of their events are held at various facilities in the Temecula area. They are a fun organization of people that are very welcoming and open to new participants. If you are interested you can learn more at SCRCHA Facebook page at

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

New Barracks for the USDA

The US Department of Agriculture has a new barracks for rangers and crew of the Mohave Work Center of the Angeles National Forest. The Angeles National Forest as a massive national park in southern California that encompasses more the 655,000 acres, or more than 1,000 square miles. The mission of the park includes many things including plant and animal preservation, fire safety, and water support for the well know metropolitan area to its south; Los Angeles, CA. There are many camps and stations throughout the park. One is in Valyermo. The crews in Valyermo are the ones that have just received the new barracks to reside in when on duty. Design Space Modular Buildings was the low bidder for the project, and provided a 28’x66’ modular living quarters. The building has 4 bedrooms, a laundry room, spacious kitchen, and large common area. The USDA is leasing the barracks from Design Space for one year, with 4 one year options. Another great application for modular buildings, and job well done by Design Space.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Large Modular Building on 5 Year Lease for the City of San Francisco

In early November 2013 the City and County of San Francisco awarded Design Space Modular Buildings a contract for the lease of a modular building for five years at the Hetch Hetchy facility in Moccasin, CA.  The 5,760 square foot complex is going to be used as additional office space for the growing staff.  The project scope included the 96×60 building built to the City’s plans and specifications and the metal ramp, steps, and decks.  Design Space assisted the City with the layout of utilities on site, so that when the delivery occurred it was a smooth installation and connection.  The City and County of San Francisco took occupancy of the building December 20, 2013.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings Wins Contract for the New Stanford Hospital

Design Space Modular Building has been awarded the contract to provide the project management offices (PMO) for the new Stanford Hospital. Under the contract Design Space will manufacture and install two (2) 120’x120’ modular office complexes, totaling over 28,000 square feet. Design Space’s full scope of work includes the PMO building, foundation, architectural package, delivery, installation, fire suppression system, and interior finishes. The building will be installed in close proximity to the building site for the new Stanford Hospital. The new hospital is rebuilding its 1950s-era facilities with a larger, more technological, and seismically sturdy hospital. The new building will be an impressive 824,000 square foot hospital facility. Site preparations are under way and the new hospital is scheduled to be completed and open for patients in early 2018.

Design Space uses pre-manufactured modular buildings to provide its customers with mobile offices, job-site trailers, single and multi-story modular building complexes, and containers. Based on the west coast, they serve customers from their 14 branches in nine States, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.

It seems no matter what your office or educational space needs are, modular construction can be very attractive economically, architecturally and structurally. And in the case of Design Space, turn-key construction services are available too.

For more information on Design Space Modular Buildings, you call 866-899-7777, or visit their website at

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Supports Multi-Story Modular Hotel Construction

The Brooks Hotel is one of many modular hotels which was recently completed in Williston, NDDesign Space Modular Buildings is an expert on multi-story modular construction. They did not contract to build this particular hotel. But, the developer and GC did turn to Design Space to provide the project management offices, job site trailers, and storage containers for the project. The bigger the job the better, whether Design Space is the Prime contractor, or as in this case the sub-contractor that facilitates the project with temporary office space.

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