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Founded 1971 in Boise, Idaho Micron Technology is one of the largest makers in the world of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). To keep at the forefront of the technology industry Micron decided to expand with a new research and development department. Micron’s management decided to use their Boise location to host the expansion, and Design Space Modular to provide the modular buildings for the needed office space.


Micron required over 23,000 square feet of office space using relocatable modular buildings, and they needed them delivered and installed quickly. Over the course of 90 days From June to September 2015 Design Space Modular Buildings Boise, Idaho branch team was able to deliver, install, and turn over for occupancy 29 modular building sections comprised of (1) 98’x132’ and (2) 84’x60 modules. This new Modular Building Complex will provide office space for 260 full time employees and serve as the hub for Micron Technology’s R&D Engineers who are working on a new chip technology program they expect to keep ongoing for 4 to 5 years.


Micron Technology exists in one of the fastest moving industries in today’s gadget driven world. With the ever expanding tech market and growing demand; physical expansion is eminent. Besides being able to provide a wide variety of modular building options from our local fleet in Idaho, we are also able to complete customization prior to delivery for an expedited installation. With over 30 years of experience and a highly skilled team of engineers and project managers Design Space Modular Buildings Inc, makes it possible bring customer’s vision to reality, on time and on budget.


Design Space looks forward to continue being a reliable partner of Micron Technology through all of their expansion needs.




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