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Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Large Modular Building on 5 Year Lease for the City of San Francisco

In early November 2013 the City and County of San Francisco awarded Design Space Modular Buildings a contract for the lease of a modular building for five years at the Hetch Hetchy facility in Moccasin, CA.  The 5,760 square foot complex is going to be used as additional office space for the growing staff.  The project scope included the 96×60 building built to the City’s plans and specifications and the metal ramp, steps, and decks.  Design Space assisted the City with the layout of utilities on site, so that when the delivery occurred it was a smooth installation and connection.  The City and County of San Francisco took occupancy of the building December 20, 2013.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings Wins Contract for the New Stanford Hospital

Design Space Modular Building has been awarded the contract to provide the project management offices (PMO) for the new Stanford Hospital. Under the contract Design Space will manufacture and install two (2) 120’x120’ modular office complexes, totaling over 28,000 square feet. Design Space’s full scope of work includes the PMO building, foundation, architectural package, delivery, installation, fire suppression system, and interior finishes. The building will be installed in close proximity to the building site for the new Stanford Hospital. The new hospital is rebuilding its 1950s-era facilities with a larger, more technological, and seismically sturdy hospital. The new building will be an impressive 824,000 square foot hospital facility. Site preparations are under way and the new hospital is scheduled to be completed and open for patients in early 2018.

Design Space uses pre-manufactured modular buildings to provide its customers with mobile offices, job-site trailers, single and multi-story modular building complexes, and containers. Based on the west coast, they serve customers from their 14 branches in nine States, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.

It seems no matter what your office or educational space needs are, modular construction can be very attractive economically, architecturally and structurally. And in the case of Design Space, turn-key construction services are available too.

For more information on Design Space Modular Buildings, you call 866-899-7777, or visit their website at

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Supports Multi-Story Modular Hotel Construction

The Brooks Hotel is one of many modular hotels which was recently completed in Williston, NDDesign Space Modular Buildings is an expert on multi-story modular construction. They did not contract to build this particular hotel. But, the developer and GC did turn to Design Space to provide the project management offices, job site trailers, and storage containers for the project. The bigger the job the better, whether Design Space is the Prime contractor, or as in this case the sub-contractor that facilitates the project with temporary office space.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings is Ready to Deliver as Winter Approaches

In the Bakken oil fields business goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. Oil production does not stop for cold weather. That effort is what is driving oil production in the state to a hard to imagine 1 million barrels a day. And neither does construction for the many companies trying to build businesses and infrastructure to support the booming oil industry. But, this progress doesn’t happen without some protection from the weather. Because of that Design Space Modular Buildings plays a key role in making it all possible. Design Space can provide temporary mobile offices for short-term needs; this can be for a construction office for builders, a temporary office for a commercial business to get up and running quickly, or for oil field offices at drilling rigs and support services sites throughout the state.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

AAA Storage Container gets a new website!

I was looking on the web for a storage container to rent and came to  this site, I was at this website before, but now I see it has a completely new look. Much more user friendly. AAA Storage Container provides for the rental and purchase of storage containers and ground level containerized offices. If you are a business operating in the western US and have a need for storage containers or customized storage containers you may want to consider AAA Storage Container. AAA Storage Container operates within the branch network of Design Space Storage containers and therefore has the benefit of branch locations in most major western cities, as well as Williston, North Dakota. This includes their newest location in the Tri-Cities area in Washington which encompasses the cities of Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick, WA.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Valley of the Moon Modular Building

When I was traveling through Sonoma California last weekend I stopped to visit a recently completed Design Space Modular Buildings project. I almost missed it since it sat at grade level and fit in so well within the surrounding architecture. The build was also designed with a smaller, but attractive frontage on the main street in Sonoma. However, upon further inspection the building can be seen to expand significantly toward the rear. The property grade drops to the rear, so a daylight basement was built to provide storage and support significant additional square footage on the “ground-level” floor. A very unique and effective foundation and installation of the modular building. The building was built for Valley of the Moon Teen Center. The Valley of the Moon is the name of the popular wine growing region of the Sonoma Valley. The Center itself is a place for disadvantaged youths in the area to organize and learn vocational skills. Design Space managed the project from the Dixon, CA office.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space in Surf City


The Great Recession halted a major construction project in 2008 in the iconic city of Huntington Beach, CA. The now resurgent economy is allowing the project to re-start. The entire project includes a two level subterranean parking lot, restaurants, retail, hotel, and condominiums. Design Space Modular Buildings is supporting the development by providing its two main project management offices. The project site is eye catching as it sits right along Pacific Coast Highway just south of the Huntington Beach pier. It is even a nicer site from within the Design Space modular complexes, where as you (try to) work you can look out of the front windows and scan the beach and waves that host some of the biggest surfing competitions in the world, including the US Open of Surfing. The developer made a smart choice selecting Design Space Modular Building’s quality and well maintained modular offices as a first step to help kickoff such a marquis project.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings Awarded Contract for Eastvale, CA Project

Design Space Modular Buildings was low bidder to provide four buildings to C.W. Driver Construction for the Jurupa Community Park project in Eastvale, CA. Eastvale is a small community near Norco, CA. Design Space is providing two 12×34 modular restroom buildings, and two 12×32 modular concessions and storage buildings. The total contract value is over $560,000. The scope of work for Design Space foundations, a pre-manufacture bus shelter, signage and other miscellaneous site work. This is the second project Design Space has completed for Eastvale. The first project completed was the main community center building. Large or small project, Design Space has shown Eastvale why they are considered the most diversified and reliable supplier in themodular building and mobile office industry.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

WM Service selects Design Space Modular Buildings to provide their New Office

WM Services is one of the industry’s top commercial crane and rigging company based in eastern Idaho.  They specialize in building large industrial projects such as Wind Farms and Power Generating Facilities across eastern Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.  WM Service’s recent growth required them to expand the home office in Soda Springs, ID.  They needed office space quickly, and needed to have it completed within the short building season of the region. To meet their needs they contracted  Design Space Modular Buildings to build and install a new 36×60 modular office building. The office space is capable of housing their sales, management, and support staff.  In only six months, from design to final installation, WM Services has the added capacity needed to operate their seven cranes and grow their business further.  In July of 2013, Design Space completed the project On Time, and On Budget.

Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

AAA Storage Containers opens a branch in Tri-Cities, WA

Concurrent with the branch opening, AAA Storage Containers and Design Space Storage Containers has named Bill Ackerman as Branch Sales Manager for their new location. AAA is a full-service storage container dealer and contractor. They have a strong track record of providing a range of container options, from temporaryportable storage containers to ground level office buildings for a variety of applications.

“Design Space has the same approach as I do, to serve the full spectrum of a customer’s storage container needs with a personal touch second to none, so this is a perfect fit for me and this market,” says Bill Ackerman. From the branch location, Mr. Ackerman will serve markets surrounding the Tri-Cities, including Hanford, Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, and Yakima in Washington, and Pendleton, La Grande, and Baker City in Oregon.

AAA Storage Containers plans to bring many benefits to the market:

  • Hanford-approved portable storage containers, container offices, and ground level offices
  • Extensive federal government experience
  • GSA Schedule contract: GS-07F-0611W
  • Temporary portable storage containers
  • Container offices
  • Ground-level secure container offices
  • Complete turnkey service and commitment to quality.

For any questions or assistance, please contact AAA Storage Container or Bill Ackerman locally at (509)582-6252, E-mail him at BillA(at)DesignSpaceMod(dot)com, or visit the AAA Storage Container website at where you can request a quote.

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