Design Space Selected Once Again to Build Custom Shelters by Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti to Fight Homelessness – Venice Beach, CA - Design Space Modular Buildings
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In continuing efforts by the Mayor of of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti to fight homeless problems, Venice California became the new site to build a temporary home to local homeless population.

The initiative, called “A Bridge Home” project, demands a quick turnaround from its partners capable of building safe and functional facilities while meeting its legal and environmental standards.


Mayor Garcetti and his team selected Design Space once again to build the state of the art facility that features multiple modular trailers at its Venice site.

In a short period of time, deliveries of custom complex structures provided housing, hygiene, and counseling all within one site. Through this program, support for mental health, employment, addiction, housing placement, and wellness resources were given to all its 154 occupants to help them get them back on their feet.

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