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Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

In addition to providing new modular buildings and mobile officesDesign Space can also re-locate your existing modular space and provide other site services!  When the land lease for the California DMV offices (a 48×60 modular building) located in San Bernardino expired, the State of CA turned to Design Space Modular Buildings for a solution. The solution was the beauty of modular buildings themselves. The State secured a new land lease nearby with the National Orange Show, and Design Space moved their building to the new site. Design Space also provided the local DMV personnel with temporary mobile offices and restroom facilities (see photo) while they relocated the 48×60 office and connected utilities at the new location.  This allowed the DMW to move their entire operation at this location with a minimal investment and no down time.

Design Space completed the following scope of work within weeks. Disconnecting existing utilities, crane to lift the 48×60 off the concrete foundation, new underground utilities and re-installation of awnings, bollards, ramps and internal phone, data & security systems.  The entire project took 45 days.  Check back to see new photos upon project completion!

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