Design Space Provides ADA Ramps and Stairs to a San Diego Hospital - Design Space Modular Buildings
Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

Design Space Modular Buildings also provides metal ADA ramps and stairs. The metal construction is durable for long term uses, and easy to install and remove for short term needs. They can be rented monthly, or purchased. Design Space can deliver and install when delivering their mobile offices and modular buildings. This offers a big cost  and time savings over site built ramps and stairs. Design Space can also provide the ramps and steps alone for any other area on a site a customer may need ramps to accommodate ADA access. On a recent project in San Diego they provided modular buildings and ramps for a hospital client. After seeing the system work, they then asked Design Space to provide the ramps only for a CT Scanning trailer shown in the photo above that the customer already had on site. It proved to be a very quick and economical solution for the hospital.

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