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Custom Container Office with Short Lead Time – Las Vegas, NV

When your project requires little space, low cost, and quickest turn around to deliver a custom office, container-based offices are a great solution.

A Las Vegas based customer partnered with Design Space to customize a 40’ storage container with small office built in, often called “Ground Level Office.” This Combo Office was fitted with small HVAC system and laminate floors for aesthetics with easy maintenance.  This custom solution was delivered just within 2 weeks of order!

These shipping containers come in standard sizes of 8’x20’ and 8’x40’ and can be converted to variety of custom layouts at these sizes or into smaller plans.


Modular Buildings Modular Buildings & Office Trailers

F&M Bank Partners with Design Space to Build a Mobile Bank

Founded over 100 years ago, F&M Bank has served many Californians’ banking needs. When their Turlock, CA branch decided to go through major renovation work, they needed a quick and secure solution to provide a temporary bank that would continue servicing their local customers without interruption.

F&M Bank needed a mobile bank built to their specification that is secure yet quick to deliver. Design Space once again delivered, fast and ready for their customers.

Design Space has provided many mobile banks for some of the largest banking institutions in the US. For some of the other modular bank projects, whether temporary or permanent, please visit our gallery of banks delivered:

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