Design Space Modular Buildings Wins Contract for the New Stanford Hospital - Design Space Modular Buildings
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Design Space Modular Building has been awarded the contract to provide the project management offices (PMO) for the new Stanford Hospital. Under the contract Design Space will manufacture and install two (2) 120’x120’ modular office complexes, totaling over 28,000 square feet. Design Space’s full scope of work includes the PMO building, foundation, architectural package, delivery, installation, fire suppression system, and interior finishes. The building will be installed in close proximity to the building site for the new Stanford Hospital. The new hospital is rebuilding its 1950s-era facilities with a larger, more technological, and seismically sturdy hospital. The new building will be an impressive 824,000 square foot hospital facility. Site preparations are under way and the new hospital is scheduled to be completed and open for patients in early 2018.

Design Space uses pre-manufactured modular buildings to provide its customers with mobile offices, job-site trailers, single and multi-story modular building complexes, and containers. Based on the west coast, they serve customers from their 14 branches in nine States, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.

It seems no matter what your office or educational space needs are, modular construction can be very attractive economically, architecturally and structurally. And in the case of Design Space, turn-key construction services are available too.

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